Faye Miller Named Blindness and Low Vision Studies Alumna of the Year
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Faye Miller Named Blindness and Low Vision Studies Alumna of the Year

Faye MillerFaye Miller, O&M ’14, earned her certificate in Orientation and Mobility (O&M) in 2014 from Salus University. Devoted to her work at the Oklahoma School for the Blind (OSB), she serves as a full-time O&M instructor and also as the coordinator of the Oklahoma Regional Braille Challenge and Oklahoma Regional Cane Quest. Miller strives to create growth in the O&M field by supporting state cohort activities and partnership programs designed to meet the needs of a specific state for improving the number of high-quality instructors in the area. She has an unparalleled commitment to students with visual impairments, supporting their growth and learning inside and outside of the classroom, both as a direct service provider and as an educator of future O&M professionals.

In her nomination of Miller for the Blindness and Low Vision Studies Alumna of the Year award, Jamie Maffit, MS, COMS, CLVT, touted the alumna’s enrollment in the University’s Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Certificate program in 2012 as a direct response to the unmet needs of her visually impaired students. “Throughout the program, Faye was an excellent, committed, hardworking student who was respected by her classmates and faculty colleagues,” she said. An award-winning educator committed to serving students with visual impairments, Maffit, assistant professor and director of the University’s O&M program who also provides Vision Rehabilitation services at the William Feinbloom Rehabilitation Center, attributed Miller for propelling the O&M field through her many influential roles – inside and outside the classroom. “Feedback from the students who have had the pleasure of working with Faye has always been positive, as she inspires a commitment to high quality, individualized instruction, all the while supporting their learning in the process,” she said.

This award is presented to an alumnus of the Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies (BLVS) at Salus who has distinguished himself/herself through extraordinary service and contributions to the BLVS, bringing honor and prestige to the University. The University’s Alumni Association is proud to award Faye Miller with the Blindness and Low Vision Studies Alumna of the Year Award.