Acknowledging the Tragedies Unfolding in Afghanistan and Haiti
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Acknowledging the Tragedies Unfolding in Afghanistan and Haiti

A message from the President to the Salus community:

As we prepare to welcome 370 new students and several hundred returning students preparing to begin or to continue your professional education, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the tragedies that have been unfolding in both Afghanistan and Haiti. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, threatening any strides that were made for women, girls and others over the past twenty years. A little more than a month since the horrific presidential assassination, Haiti has suffered yet another devastating earthquake, which is expected to be further exacerbated by Tropical Depression Grace later tonight. No matter what you believe politically, the human suffering in both places has been dramatic and difficult to watch. Having served in both places, and worked closely with local nationals, these take on a more personal note for me. At Salus, we strongly believe in the tenets of diversity, equity and inclusion, yet the antithesis of that will likely occur in Afghanistan under the Taliban, and may be halted by the natural disasters Haiti is experiencing. As these events continue to develop over the course of time, I ask that you please keep all these people in your thoughts. If any of you are personally affect by these tragedies, please reach out to others in your circle or someone in our counseling service at CPPD or the employee assistance program.

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Michael H. Mittelman, OD, MPH, MBA, FACHE, FAAO