Sal's Shorts: First Adaptive Sports Day; Practicing Wellness
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Sal's Shorts: First Adaptive Sports Day; Practicing Wellness

Too busy to keep up with current events at Salus University? Think again. Here’s the TLDR (too long; didn’t read) of some of the stories you may have missed from June. “Sal’s Shorts” provides clips of the University’s latest news and happenings.

sal-shorts-image_7-1_3.pngFaculty Focus: Julie Quinlan MPO, MS, CPO, ATC: Orthotics and Prosthetics 

“I’m really proud to be part of the development of the inaugural program under Dr. Duncan’s direction. This program is going to help people move into the profession with a solid base of knowledge and experience in the field. We have the opportunity to change lives.” Read more here

Practicing Wellness as a Graduate Student Part 1: Avoiding Burnout

Individuals in the primary care industry and healthcare at large are at a higher risk for burnout than any other setting. Read more for some tips to identify and mitigate burnout.

Salus Post-bacc Program Helps Students Pursue Career Dreams 

When Kaylea Ellison, PBHS ‘22, got rejected from all the optometry schools to which she had applied, she described it as “gut-wrenching.” She had to go to a Post-bacc program to keep her career dreams on track and was super-excited that Salus had one because Salus (the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO)) was her No. 1 choice for optometry. Read more about Ellison's Post-bacc experience here.

O&M Student Making a Big Impact in her Home Country

The story of Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller’s instructor and lifelong companion, inspired Suha Almusa '22O&M to specialize in visual impairment, but that option wasn’t immediately available to her in her home country of Saudi Arabia. Still, Almusa’s passion for rehabilitation and supporting people with visual impairments was steadfast. And, she was intent on trailblazing her own path in Saudi Arabia. Read more about Almusa's story here

First Adaptive Sports Day a Big Success

Salus University’s first Adaptive Sports Day can be summed up in two words: “Community” and “Connectivity.” “The most important thing I have noticed today is the fact that we, as a disabled community, have had a chance to network, to increase fellowship, and to get together,” said Reggie Showers. Read more here.