Philadelphia native Tavii El, MSOT ‘21, who is also currently a Doctor of Occupational Therapy student at Salus, became so enmeshed in student life while on campus that it only made sense for her to be featured in and talk about Student Life during The College Tour segment. While at Salus University, she even took it upon herself to co-found a student group to fulfill an unmet need. 

Tavii and Michelle sitting at a table reviewing a document“Here at Salus all your focus doesn’t have to be on the academic side. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to be devoted to your studies. However, there are many opportunities to be involved socially,” El said during her segment. 

“You can participate in Student Council, become a Student Ambassador, join the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, or the Peer Mentoring Program,” she said about a few of the ways she became involved on campus. In fact, she was a mentee her first year and a mentor her second, which made her transition as a graduate school student much easier, especially with the planning of social events. These events helped students across programs develop true friendships. And, she also specifically became interested in the Salus Christian Fellowship and eventually became vice president as a result.

There are many other clubs that cater to all areas of interest from intramural sports held at the Hafter Student Community Center to those that are ethnicity based. The full list of student organizations can be found here.

“If you still aren’t sure Salus has exactly what you are looking for then you’ll be happy to know that you can bring all your wonderful ideas here and start your own organization and host events within it,” she said. “Here at Salus, all are welcome and able to freely express themselves.” In fact, as mentioned, El was one of a group of students to form the Black Student Union. “We wanted all the minorities to connect, particularly Black people and other people of color,” she said about creating a platform in which all could discuss issues in a safe space. 

Learn more about how you can become involved at Salus below.