Doctor of Audiology (AuD) CurriculumThe mission of the Doctor of Audiology (AuD) curriculum is to graduate competent and caring primary healthcare clinicians who can fulfill an expanding role in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders of the auditory and vestibular systems, as well as co-management of related systemic conditions.

Our distinctive, strong biomedical curriculum offers many benefits to our Audiology students, including:

  • emphasis on small-group and problem-based learning
  • early clinical experience, beginning in the first term
  • singular access to our core program faculty
  • state of the art pre-clinical laboratories for the assessment of balance, electrophysiology
    and hearing
  • our state of the art, on campus clinical facility, the Pennsylvania Ear Institute
  • outstanding faculty who share a sincere commitment to our students
  • access to the best possible patient care practices
  • practice management skills and procedures training over all four years

Our strong commitment to early, extensive and lengthy clinical experience ensures that our students are well-prepared for the duties of their 50-52 week externships. Our evidence based medicine classes shared with Optometry and Physician Assistant students emphasize the importance of communicating effectively with other healthcare providers to enhance the overall quality of healthcare patients receive. Our philosophy of compassionate caring prepares our students to not only care for, but to care about their patients.Audiology Curriculum Flow Chart