The first and only college of audiology in the nation, Salus University Osborne College of Audiology (OCA) residential program prepares graduates to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with hearing and balance disorders.

Why should you choose OCA to get your AuD?

OCA is the only College of Audiology that offers a 4-year track by innovating in AuD

With over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids in the market, are you thinking about the role of an audiologist?

Are you a hands-on learner?students practicing in the audiology lab

Facilitate hands-on training with exceptional lab facilities. Take a tour!

Are you eager to learn from exceptional faculty who are leaders in the profession?

Our faculty not only teach, conduct research, and participate in clinic, they also serve in several leadership roles in professional organizations. This provides our students with networking opportunities for externships and jobs.

Do you want to know more about clinical immersion?

Are you interested in interprofessional learning?

The University's programs are built with a strong evidence-based practice foundation and a significant focus on interprofessional education and practice.

Need information about tuition and scholarships?

More than 90% of our students receive merit scholarships every year.

Have you heard about paid externships?

A significant number of our students receive a stipend during their externship year.

Want to learn more about current research studies?

Fundamental research is currently being conducted in a range of areas.

Our unparalleled student experience goes beyond their student days. As graduates and alumni of the program, they are eager to:

  • Give back by joining our alumni board
  • Participate in student mentor opportunities as an alumni ambassador
  • Continue to collaborate with faculty in research
  • Participate at various alumni events

And there are many more reasons to attend OCA! Make an appointment to come to our campus, talk to our faculty and students, and shadow audiologists at our on-campus clinic. Let us know at