Day in the Life
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Day in the Life

It’s important for prospective students to have an idea of what a “Day in the Life” of a master’s or doctorate level education is like, especially here at Salus. Many ask, “What is the ‘typical’ day like for a Salus student?” While there is no way to specifically answer that, given the variety of interests of the students here as well as the expectations and curriculum within the various programs, the University’s “Day in the Life” series can give a prospective student a sense of what a typical day looks like in each year – clinical and didactic – within each of our programs.


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First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Aliza Stepansky

First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Katie Leinenbach

Second-Year Orthotics and Prosthetics Student: Tori Page

First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Francesca Lucchesi

First-Year Optometry Student: Scott Cogan

First-Year Orientation and Mobility Student: Kymberly Hilton

Second-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Madison DeLong

First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Haley Tevnan

Second-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Marisa Guardino

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Abby Bezar

Second-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Alexa Pollice

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Caroline McCleary

First-Year Audiology Student: Ki’Ara Bruce

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Morgan Gianelle

First-Year Optometry Student: Jarod Detrick

Second-Year Optometry Student: Jaskirat Sahni

First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Sophie Wollman

First-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Timaj Yusuf

First-Year Optometry Student: Emaree Stone

First-Year Audiology Student: Riley Abernethy

First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Madison Gates

First-Year Accelerated Scholars Optometry Student: Megan Dunn

Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Lauren Wychowski

Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Lydia Gladfelter

First-Year Accelerated Scholars Optometry Student: Sampson L. Abu

First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Makenzie Tobin

First Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Veronica Baez

Third-Year Optometry Student: David Rosner

Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Sarah Gochnauer

Second-Year Optometry Student: Missy Young

Third-Year Optometry Student: Jonah Casella

Second Year Physician Assistant Student: Cassie Venditti

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Maura Waldner

Second-Year Optometry Student: Emma Gohmann

Third-Year Optometry Student: Pratik Shah

Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Graham Seering

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Mikenzie Mikkelson

Second-Year Audiology Student: Renee Kochinski

Second Year Occupational Therapy Student: Kristen Hasse

Second-Year Optometry Student: Ojaswita Bastola

Second-Year Occupational Therapy Students: Jessica Maguire and Madison Ochs

Second-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Marissa Aguado

Third-Year Audiology Student: Elizabeth Labib

Second-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Mauli Chothani

Second-Year Optometry Student: Olivia Burger

Third-Year Accelerated Scholars Optometry Student: Fiza Tariq

Second-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Sara Ostrowski

Third-Year Audiology Student: Abigail Possinger

Fourth-Year Audiology Student: Kelsey Skinner

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Navneet Gill

Fourth-Year Audiology Student: Jenna Fenton

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Emily Noll

First-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Kristin Kaplewicz

Third-Year Audiology Student: Payton Burke

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Samonne Palazo

Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Jennifer Cueni

Second-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Yegene Hong

First-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Kaylin Magosin

Fourth-Year Optometry Student: Cindy Kweon

First-Year Audiology Student: Jimmy Brand

Rosalie Bikoti, Speech-Language Pathology

Second-Year Optometry Student: Natalie Baek

Second-Year Occupational Therapy Student: Mel

Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Toby Heller

Second-Year Optometry Student: Samantha Spinnat

Low Vision Resident at The Eye Institute: Kylie Auman

Second-Year Audiology Student: Megan Boehler

Second-Year Accelerated Scholars Optometry Student: Jenny Minnick

Second-Year Accelerated Scholars Optometry Student: Cameron Housley

Third-Year Optometry Student: Chad Killen

Third-Year Audiology Student: Tracey Carney

First-Year Optometry Student: Sonia Panchal

Second-Year Audiology Student: Elisa Hoyos

Second-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Kristen Hushen

First Year Occupational Therapy Student: Liz Forcellini

First-Year Speech-Language Pathology Student: Carly Schlessinger

First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Isabela Ugarte

Second-Year Optometry Student: Niki Mehta

First-Year Audiology Student: Marisa Fassnacht

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