I Chose Salus
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I Chose Salus

Choosing a program that will dictate your career can be a daunting choice. “Is this something I can see myself doing for years to come?” and “will I feel confident in my choice?” are just some of the questions that run through the mind when choosing a program that will later become a career. Sometimes it is best to seek advice from those who have lived it. The University’s “I Chose Salus” series will give prospective students a sense of what a program is like, and how those who chose it feel about their choice. 


Recent Posts

Olivia Papiano, Audiology

Julia Gamarnik, Speech-Language Pathology

Kymberly Hilton, Blindness and Low Vision Studies

Peyton Provost, Audiology

Jaycee Jezwinski, Optometry

Kristen Battista, Audiology

Jocelyn Lim, Audiology

Gianna Azcona, Orthotics and Prosthetics

Andrea Diaz, Optometry

Brittney Cullen, Audiology

Mary-Kate Dennis, Orthotics and Prosthetics

Kerry McGovern, Audiology

Mansi Parikh, Optometry

Blythe Best Raynor, Optometry

Madalyn Kujawa, Audiology

Kavleen Kaur, Optometry

Julia McCarthy, Audiology

Cheyenne Willard, Optometry

Kaylyn Yeager, Audiology

Anita Werner, Occupational Therapy

Stevie Goldman, Speech-Language Pathology

Cinthia Crousset Santos, Occupational Therapy

Mason Peace, Post-baccalaureate in Health Sciences

Abigail Ramsaroop, Audiology

Brooke Kinsey, Audiology

Julia Cortinas, Optometry

Alexandra Harrer, Speech-Language Pathology

Edesthele Decius, Optometry

Lassiter Zhang, Clinical Optometry

Kristen Piazza, Audiology

Linda Dabboura, Optometry

Julia Webb, Occupational Therapy

Ashlee McCloud, Audiology

Abby Williams, Optometry

Erica Guberman, Audiology

Emily Long, Physician Assistant Studies

Elina Shalamov, Optometry

Antonio Butler, Orthotics & Prosthetics

Starleigh Jones, Audiology

Alexis Bonenfant, Optometry

Sophia Vario, Occupational Therapy

Sonia Charales, Optometry

Jordyn Schubert, Audiology

Alexandra Burns, Optometry

Amber Lewis, Orthotics & Prosthetics

Lauren Carter, Optometry

Madison Gates, Speech-Language Pathology

Lindsay Rock, Speech-Language Pathology

Dena Mohamed, Optometry

Jenna D’Entremont, Speech-Language Pathology

Maiya Tasaico, Occupational Therapy

Erin Cleaver, Occupational Therapy

Hayley Schehr, Physician Assistant Studies

Sara Dilly, Physician Assistant Studies

Madison Pisut, Speech-Language Pathology

Heather McKay, Optometry

Nick Puzzella, Optometry

Hannah Jaskuta, Speech-Language Pathology

Mackenzie Biggers, Optometry

Chantana Moapichai, Optometry

Kara Sethna, Optometry

Jaqueline Wiafe, Audiology

Emilie Izykowski, Speech-Language Pathology

Rachel Boas, Occupational Therapy

Michelle Lopez, Optometry

Jennifer Curtin, Audiology

Emily Walker, Post-baccalaureate in Health Sciences

Brandon Butters, Optometry

Alyssa Boemer, Speech-Language Pathology

Yvonne D'Uva Howard, PhD in Biomedicine

Dominic Steward, Optometry

Nidhi Desai, Post-baccalaureate in Health Sciences

Erin Rielly, Audiology

Stephen Shalamanda, Optometry

Nisha Orren, Physician Assistant Studies

Nishan Pressley, Optometry

Kollen Rose, Optometry

Kelsey Harnish, Optometry

Elizabeth Scott, Physician Assistant Studies

Ashley Senss, Physician Assistant Studies

Allison Wethey, Occupational Therapy

Evans Darko, Blindness and Low Vision Studies

Marcus Newsom, Physician Assistant Studies

Carrie Hillinski, Optometry

Caitlin Fleming, Speech-Language Pathology

Courtney Callahan, Occupational Therapy

Saahi Katari, Audiology

Emily Vasile, BLVS, Low Vision Rehabilitation

Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald, BLVS, Teacher of the Visually Impaired

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