Kaylyn Yeager, Audiology
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Kaylyn Yeager, Audiology

Why did you choose Salus?

I decided on Salus because of the early clinical experience and the interdisciplinary approach to providing patient care. I wanted to get into a clinical setting as soon as possible, and clinic has been my absolute favorite part of the whole program. Learning all the information is crucial, but seeing it all put together to help patients is the most important part of my learning experience. Salus offers so many amazing programs, and we get to learn about how all of them work together to provide the best care to our future patients around the world. As an audiologist I will focus on my patient’s hearing mostly, but I want to make sure I am also focusing on other aspects of their wellbeing outside of my expertise. Salus allows me to get an insight on how other experts can help my future patients in areas that I am not trained in, so in the future I can refer my patients to other clinicians who will be able to help them with their vision, mobility, speech, and more.

Kaylyn Yeager

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