Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Lauren Wychowski
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Second-Year Physician Assistant Student: Lauren Wychowski

Lauren wearing her white coat at the gazebo on the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania campusMy name is Lauren Wychowski. I'm from Rochester, New York, but I currently live in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. I am a second-year Physician Assistant (PA) student. I am currently in my third rotation, which is pediatrics! I travel to Advocare Greentree Pediatrics in Marlton, New Jersey, which is about a 45 minutes to an hour commute one way, depending on traffic.

I went to Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania for my undergrad and received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a minor in Biology and Spanish. I wanted a major that allowed me to learn about different aspects of health that I could apply as a PA. My Public Health degree came in super helpful as I graduated from undergrad during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. As for my Spanish minor, I wanted to continue my Spanish education so I could better communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.

Lauren and friends by the gazebo at SalusI chose Salus because of its sense of community. Salus was the first PA school I interviewed at, and every other school didn't compare. I felt at home from the first second I stepped onto campus. The professors and students were so welcoming and showed their love for the PA program. The PA students seemed to be one big family that supported one another. This was also the only program that allowed family members to attend, which was really nice. The professors made me feel so comfortable during the interview. They showed me that they genuinely care about their students and want each of us to succeed. Not only did I feel a sense of community, but the academics excelled compared to other programs. The program had us seeing patients within the first month of school and participating in pre-clinicals in the spring and summer. This allowed us to experience different areas of medicine and get hands-on experience with patients before starting clinicals. The on-campus cadaver lab was also a major plus that not many schools offered. Overall, Salus was the best choice I could have made for my PA education.

Lauren and a classmateI am currently in my Pediatrics rotation, so here is a typical day for me (Monday - Friday):

7 a.m.: Wake up, get ready, drink coffee and eat breakfast.

8:45 a.m.: Arrive at the office and check the patient schedule for the day.

9 a.m. — 5 p.m.: See a variety of well-child visits and sick visits.

6 — 11 p.m.: My evening consists of eating dinner, doing patient logs and studying for my end-of-rotation exams.

11 p.m.: Go to bed and do it all again tomorrow!

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