First-Year Audiology Student: Jimmy Brand
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First-Year Audiology Student: Jimmy Brand

Jimmy sitting on a benchWhy Hello there! My name is Jimmy Brand and I am from the wonderful city of Kalamazoo, Mich., - Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo - and I am a first-year Audiology student at Salus University Osborne College of Audiology.

I attended Western Michigan University where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Signature endorsement in Diversity and Inclusion. After graduation, I worked at Western Michigan University Disability Services for Students Coordinating, a peer mentoring program, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology. A hearing aid user myself, I was quite familiar with the profession of audiology and, growing up, I wished I had an audiologist I could look up to and see myself in, but I never had that representation, so I decided I would be the representation for folks behind me.

I found Salus University and was immediately enamored with its early clinical exposure and biomedical approach. Salus was far from home, but I knew I had to give Salus a chance, so off I moved.

Jimmy holding a trophy in a suitNow at the end of my first year, there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice by entrusting my education to Salus. I have learned more in one year than I had ever thought was reasonably possible! Each of our wonderful instructors approach their various subjects with a unique perspective and incite. I have the pleasure to learn from a diverse pool of instructors and proctors who genuinely want to students learn and grow as both a student and a clinician.

I find that no two days are ever the same at Salus, and I really enjoy the variety each day brings. I typically start my morning with two cups of cold brew, one for the car ride to school and one day of classes ahead. Classes, clinic, and/or labs typically go until the late afternoon, but it varies by the day.

I also have the pleasure to represent Salus on campus and in the community in my role as a student ambassador, which takes up some time in my day. I love the opportunity to share and educate folks on the mission and culture of Salus University.

Salus student ambassadors group photo

Even though the school schedule can be rigorous, I still find time to keep up with my hobbies and self-care. I enjoy running and recently just completed the Kalamazoo Half Marathon, so many evenings, you can find me running one of the many nature trails Philadelphia has to offer.

On my nights free of studying, you can find me at local restaurants doing trivia at Borough Brewhouse, drinking coffee at White Horse Coffee & Creamery, or spending my evening relieving stress by making elaborate dinners for one. You will also find that I am a stress baker and the closer we get to exams, the more baked goods show up in class, though I do not hear many complaints from my cohort.

Jimmy and his classmates

I typically end my nights with a good audiobook, or some good Netflix.

Finding the balance of work and life can feel like a teetertotter in professional school, but it’s all part of the adventure and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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