Second-Year Orthotics and Prosthetics Student: Tori Page
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Second-Year Orthotics and Prosthetics Student: Tori Page

Tori Page holding a head moldI'm Tori, a second-year in the Orthotics and Prosthetics program. I just entered into the residency part of my program, which means I am in clinics for the next 18 (now 17) months. My first of three 6-month rotations is at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Delaware. Right now I am just doing pediatrics, which is what I am hoping to do when I finish school.

My day-to-day varies on the patients that come in. On average I see about nine patients a day. I typically see a lot of cranial helmets on babies, scoliosis orthoses, and ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). These appointments could involve using an iPad to scan someone for an orthosis or using plaster or fiberglass to take a cast of someone.

Some appointments are adjustments to orthoses or prostheses that patients already have. They may come for an adjustment if they have a broken strap or if the device has started causing discomfort. Other appointments are delivery appointments, where we fit and give patients the devices we took casts and measurements for.

One cool thing about working in the hospital is that I get to work with the different clinics here. I interact with physical therapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants, doctors, nurses, and surgeons. It is super convenient to walk across the hall and talk to a physical therapist who sees the patient weekly or the doctor who wrote the prescription.

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