First-Year Accelerated Scholars Optometry Student: Megan Dunn
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First-Year Accelerated Scholars Optometry Student: Megan Dunn

Megan Dunn headshotMy name is Megan Dunn and I am a first-year Optometry Scholars student. A typical day for me is pretty full, usually with lectures, labs and clinic beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m.

Mondays, for example, I watch lectures in the morning in the comfort of my bedroom and then I head to The Eye Institute (TEI) in the afternoon for Grand Rounds. I watch second-year scholars present interesting clinical findings and differentials that they have experienced in clinic. I will be making my own Grand Rounds presentations next semester in the spring. I always make time for myself to do some sort of workout each day, socialize, and make dinner. I finish my day with either studying for exams or making study sheets for the lectures that I watched that day.

A typical Thursday is much different. I have clinical skills lab in the morning, and this is where I get to learn hands-on optometry skills. I then head to clinic in the afternoon where I get to work alongside the second-year scholars and see patients. As I pass my proficiencies, I am able to perform those tests and skills on the patients.

I absolutely love the scholars program! It allows me to watch the lectures when I want (since most are online) and I am learning at a pace that is perfect for me.

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