First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Morgan Gianelle
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First-Year Physician Assistant Student: Morgan Gianelle

Morgan GianelleMy name is Morgan Gianelle and this is a typical day in the life of a Physician Assistant Student at Salus University.

Every day at Salus for the Physician Assistant (PA) program is different, involving different lectures and labs. Typically each morning before classes, I like to go to the gym for a half hour. The Hafter Center on campus is an excellent resource with great equipment and accessible hours in order to fit a workout into my schedule.

Afterward, I get breakfast in, typically Cheerios and a banana. Then it is class time! Classes start in the morning, around 9 a.m., and the lectures run for about two to three hours. On some mornings prior to class, we have examinations and quizzes. Afterward, we get a lunch break before the second set of classes or labs start. My class typically eats outside right now to get some fresh air before we head back inside.

As of now, our labs involve Anatomy: Cadaver Dissection and Physical Diagnosis lab! The day typically ends around 5-6 p.m. and I get home around 6-6:30 p.m. I get some dinner in and begin to study the material for the upcoming exams and lectures. I prefer to study at home or at the Learning Resource Center. Around 11 p.m., I usually shut down and head to bed, and begin to prepare for the next day!

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