Doctor of Optometry – Traditional Program

The Traditional Program for the Doctor of Optometry degree at Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University follows a legacy that began in 1919, when PCO created a four year degree program that set the standard for all other institutions of optometry that exists today.

The Traditional Program offers PCO students a cohort curriculum and includes the early clinical experience and extensive externships for which the College is recognized. Other features of this program include small group learning experiences, traditional semester breaks, and a learning environment in which what you learn in the classroom is practiced in the labs and applied to actual patients under the guidance and supervision of faculty.

The Traditional Program can be enhanced with advanced studies and electives courses and/or a residency program. Qualified students gain additional expertise in expanding areas of patient care provided by optometric leadership in the healthcare system.

Innovation continues to drive PCO’s Traditional Program. This is most recently reflected in exciting renovations recently made to the core curriculum. By anticipating how optometry’s role in the 21st century healthcare arena will continue to evolve, the curriculum is carefully crafted in a dynamic way to utilize cutting edge educational approaches and incorporate key competencies to provide you with the skills needed for contemporary practice.