Hear what our alumni have to say about the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University Optometry programs:

"You’re not going to just read a book and become a good clinician. That will keep you informed, but practice makes perfect and experiencing it is more important than just reading about it in a book. In clinic, we saw some rare cases — Dr. (Lorraine) Lombardi used to say, ‘It’s not rare if it’s in your chair.’ That’s the experience I was looking for and that’s what I received." -Arieneh

"Both the strong didactic program and the strong clinical program really prepared me to get out and feel comfortable practicing right from the beginning." -Devin

"It sounds simple, but I had professors and clinic instructors at PCO/Salus that taught us to break down the most complex of subjects into the simplest forms and be able to describe those things to patients in a simple way so they could understand it. I think that’s almost the most valuable thing you can do as a provider. You can be the best clinician out there, but if you can’t tell the patient what’s wrong and how to fix it, you’re not going to be a good doctor." -James

"No matter what kind of training you may have, I think everyone comes out of school and as soon as they enter into the real work force, they have a lot of questions or maybe are not quite as confident. The first year is always going to be the biggest struggle. But I think PCO/Salus does teach you to be able to overcome those struggles and fears." -In-Ae

"We owe a lot of our success to PCO. They took a chance on my dad and he became a great success. My sister and I followed in his footsteps. We sometimes don’t stop and reflect about how lucky we are and how unique of a situation that we’re in, but it’s awesome." -Joshua

"Everything we have, and all the things we’ve been able to do, would never have happened without PCO. I just feel that if we can give back in a positive way, that we have an obligation to do that. All of us who go to a professional school and go on to do healthcare, we do it because we want to help people. That’s what it’s all about." -Edward