This award is presented to a non-alumnus who is closely identified with Salus University and who has provided notable service to the University and their profession.

Previous Recipients

Year Awarded to
2020 Bhawan K. Minhas, OD, FAAO, Resident ‘13
2018 Lorraine Lombardi, PhD
2017 Audrey J. Smith, PhD, CLVT, COMS
2014 Felix M. Barker, II, OD, FAAO & Pierrette Dayhaw-Barker, PhD
2012 Robert E. Horne, MS, Dean of Student Affairs
2009 Carl A. Polsky, Esq, Retired Chairman, PCO Board of Trustees
2008 Yigal Gutman, BA, MA, Partner in PCO's Israeli Optometry Program
1999 Donald M. Gleklen, JD, Retired Chairman, PCO Board of Trustees
1994 Charles F. Mullen, OD, Director, Optometry Service, Dept of Veteran Affairs, Veterans Health Administration, Washington, D.C.
1989 Honorable Thomas K. Gilhool, Secretary, PA Department of Education
1986 Honorable Ivan Itkin, Member, PA House of Representatives 
Honorable Dwight Evans, Member, PA House of Representatives
1985 Mr. James A. Ream, President, PA Association of Colleges and Universities
1984 Mr. Edward K. Hueber, Member, PCO Board of Trustees
1983 Mr. Kenneth B. Lee, Former Speaker,  PA House of Representatives
1982 Mr. Thomas P. Lynch*, Former Member, PCO Board of Trustees
1981 Dr. Wilhelm P. Sohnges, Co-Inventor, Micro Contact Lens
1980 Dr. Frederick Tanger*, Chairman, PCO Board of Trustees
1979 Hugh S. Daniel, Jr, OD, Member, Board of Governors, University of North Carolina
1978 Optometrists of North Carolina and West Virginia
1977 Mrs. Doris Wagner,  Past President, AOA Auxiliary 
1976 Dr. Merrill DeLong, Chief, Bureau of Health Manpower, Health Resources Administration
1975 Richard W. Averill, Esq, Director, AOA ,Washington Office
1974 Honorable Samuel M. Lehrer, Judge of Municipal Court of Philadelphia County
1972 Honorable  Louis Sherman, Member, PA House of Representatives
1970 Martin Topaz*, Publisher, "The Optometric Weekly."
1969 Maurice E. Cox*, Former Editor & Publisher,"Review of Optometry."
1968 J. Harold Bailey*, Administrative Director, AOA
1967 William P. McCracken*, Jr, Esq, Counsel Emeritus, AOA,Washington, DC
1966 Harold Kohn*, Esq , General Counsel Emeritus, AOA
1965 Dr. Alden N. Haffner, OD, '52, Executive Director, Optometric Center of NY
1964 Hon. Nochem S. Winnet*, PCO Trustee and Counsel
1963 Dr. Jacob Nevyas*, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, PCO
1962 Honorable Martin Silver*, Member, PA State Senate