Salus University Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors How to ApplyThe Salus University Student Ambassador program is a program in which professional student members of the community assist in connecting with various university constituents. The Ambassadors play an essential role in serving various departments on campus with a primary objective of promoting the University community by participating in events that advance the mission and goals of Salus. Ambassadors have a key role in retaining university wide relationships, engaging alumni and community constituents, and recruiting and welcoming students.

The Salus Ambassadors is a highly selective honor in which all applicants go through a rigorous interview process in which selected candidates must demonstrate professionalism, poise, uniqueness, proven service to others and genuine school spirit. Selected candidates are required to attend University functions as a student representative, periodic off-campus events, and internal trainings and meetings.

The role of the Ambassador, listed below, is held in high esteem and if selected you will be inducted into a cohort, in which you are required to bring your most positive and professional self to the role. Ambassadors are expected to represent the face of Salus with integrity, honesty, and passion for our institution. Most of all Salus Ambassadors should be fun, personable, and bring something uniquely you to the group.

University Ambassador Duties:

  1. Serve as the student face of Salus through marketing initiatives and promotion of the University.
  2. Attend and serve in community based initiatives such as Looking Out for Kids, Arts in the Park, & Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce events.
  3. Serve as ushers for University-wide events such as the White Coat Ceremony, Commencement, etc.
  4. Act as an informational liaison in transitioning new programs to campus.
  5. Interface in Alumni initiatives such as the board meetings and alumni weekend.
  6. Assist the Office of Development with fundraising initiatives.
  7. Participate in Office of Admissions webinars and welcome initiatives, including Orientation Week.
  8. Participate in off-campus recruitment efforts including visits and fairs.
  9. Other duties as assigned.


Candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  1. A history of good academic standing from undergraduate until the time of applying.
  2. Possess genuine school spirit with a strong desire to serve the institution.
  3. Ability to connect with peers and members of the Salus Community.
  4. Aptitude to maintain professionalism in dress, conduct, and mannerisms.


Any ambassador selected can look forward to the following incentives:

  1. Opportunities to meet, connect, and network with influential constituents on & off campus.
  2. Salus Ambassador Apparel to be worn at all related functions.
  3. Letter of Recommendation for those who successfully complete their term.
  4. Honorable mentions at university-wide related events.
  5. Free meals at applicable event.
  6. Utilize work study if applicable.
  7. Additional perks as received.

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