Center for Personal and Professional Development


Confidentiality is an important part of any therapy relationship.

All information shared with the counselors at CPPD is kept confidential, and our records are kept completely separate from all other Salus records.

If we discuss your situation and learn that it may be helpful to you for a counselor to have contact related to your case with an outside entity (professor, dean, medical provider, etc), we will ask you to sign a release authorizing us to do so.

Although strict confidence is observed in all cases, some situations call for information sharing in times of crisis or threats to safety, both ethically and legally, without a client’s consent. If the disclosure of information about your case is necessary, it will be limited to the purposes of this exception and only with need-to-know limits. If at all possible in these rare circumstances, the client will be informed of the intent to share information with an outside party.