Therapist helping patient

Our post-professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program uniquely positions you as a future leader, advanced content expert, or academic, with an emphasis on interprofessional collaboration. Choose an advanced specialty track that meets your needs and interests, including Remedial Vision Rehabilitation and Health and Wellness. The program is designed to be convenient for full-time working professionals.

What We Offer:

  1. Learn online: All but two courses are online using interactive computer based technology.
  2. Learn didactically and experientially: Come twice to our beautiful campus in suburban Philadelphia to study face-to-face with our faculty and engage in dynamic hands-on learning activities and community-based experiences during two five day (Wednesday through Sunday) residency courses.
  3. Three options in program length: 16 months (two-three courses per semester), 27 months (one-two course per semester), or 5 years (approximately 2 courses per year). All options include a distance learning format, plus two on-campus 5-day residency courses.
  4. Choose one of our two specialty tracks; each specialty track reflects a unique cutting-edge area of OT practice that aligns with Salus University’s highly regarded niche in healthcare.
    1. Remedial Vision Rehabilitation: Pediatrics and Acquired Brain Injury: This track is designed to enable occupational therapists to gain a comprehensive understanding of vision problems that are prevalent in the acquired brain injury and pediatric populations. Students will learn how to screen for the most commonly occurring problems and perform remedial vision rehabilitation for clients with these problems with ongoing collaboration with an optometrist.
    2. Health and Wellness: This track is designed to enable occupational therapists to gain a comprehensive and advanced/evidence-based perspectives of holistic and innovative health care for individuals, groups or populations with or at-risk for chronic illness or disability. Students will be exposed to OT's role in health assessment and health promotion activities across the life span, global and cultural perspectives, and community initiatives.
  5. Learn from nationally recognized faculty members who have published research an written textbooks in their fields of specialization.
  6. Start Date: Fall term: applications will be accepted until July 22, prior to the September start date of the program. Spring term: applications will be accepted until November 30, prior to the January start date of the program.
  7. Total credit hours: 30