The Accelerated Scholars Program Doctor of Optometry degree curriculum contains equivalent curricular components to the traditional program. The courses represent an integrated sequence of the knowledge, skills and values expected to acquire entry-to-practice competencies. The course of study summarizes the sequencing of the courses across the year round, 36-month program.

The academic year for the Accelerated Scholars Program is divided into four, 10- 12 week quarter terms: summer quarter (May – August, except for the first year, where the summer quarter will run from July - August); fall quarter (August – October); winter quarter (November – February); and spring quarter (February – April).

If interested in more detailed information, please contact an admissions counselor at 800.824.6262 or Dr. Bhawan Minhas, associate dean of the Accelerated Programs at 215.780.6109.

The credit unit is equal to one semester hour.