This award is presented to an alumnus of the Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies at Salus University who has distinguished himself/herself through extraordinary service and contributions to the field of Blindness and Low Vision Education and Rehabilitation, bringing honor and prestige to Salus University.

Previous Recipients

Year Awarded To:
2022     Missy Garber, MA '05, PhD
2021 Jule Ann Lieberman, MS '13
2020 Faye Miller, O&M ’14
2019 Christine M. Geiger, MEd '98
2018 Sister Lisa Ann Lettiere, IHM, MEd ’00, TVI, COMS                    
2017 Elizabeth A. O'Donnell, MS ’86 (LVR - '86 TVI '00)
2016 Maureen A. Duffy, MS '90, CVRT