o&p lab tables

Located in the West Wing, the Orthotics & Prosthetics Lab provides incoming students with new state-of-the-art training spaces and technology.

The Orthotics & Prosthetics lab space was designed to maximize the windows and space of the fourth floor. Based on the space, windows are in every learning area to allow the flow of natural sunlight. This flow of natural sunlight has been researched and found to positively influence mood and learning. Another key aspect is to allow faculty and students to be aware of the happenings in the lab. The benches were custom designed to raise and lower for different student heights. The benches are completely modular to handle orthotics, prosthetics, and the future in additive manufacturing. Students will be able to fabricate and modify orthoses and prostheses that will be custom-made for patient models.

The Clinical Advancement Room will be utilized to maximize the student learning experience through real-world exposures. These exposures will allow students to fine-tune clinical skills in the areas of evaluation, assessment, and measurement (shape capture) of patient models. Students will learn how to fit custom orthotic and prosthetic devices while analyzing patient model gait within the parallel bars.

The Tinker Lab was developed to allow students to familiarize themselves with commonly used components, tools, and materials in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.

The Machine Shop is equipped with eight Trautman sanders, drum sander, drill press, band saw, sewing machine, and state-of-the-art ventilation and dust collector systems for students to be able to make modifications to their patient model’s orthotic and prosthetic projects.