Virtual Reality Simulation Lab

The Virtual Reality Simulation Lab features the state-of-the-art VRmagic equipment and software for virtual retinal examinations. The lab includes eight stations for indirect ophthalmoscopy and four for direct ophthalmoscopy. Each station is equipped with a touch-screen monitor, a model patient head, and the tools needed for either direct or indirect ophthalmoscopy. The indirect ophthalmoscopy stations also include a wearable headset with a display monitor.

The VRmagic software has various modules users can select to test a variety of skills such as properly using an ophthalmoscope, finding shapes on the retina, examining objects found on a retinal map, locating and identify retinal pathologies, and using a case-study format to examine a model patient. The lab also has the capability to have the simulator projected for group learning, further enhancing the students’ understanding of the cases and concepts being reviewed.