The Eye Institute

The Eye Institute (TEI) is the main clinical facility for students at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) at Salus University.

Located a few miles from our main campus in the Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, TEI offers optometry residents and students the opportunity to work with patients ranging from infants to the elderly who present diverse vision and eye problems. By the middle of their second year, students are integrated into The Eye Institute as full participants in the service delivery system, which manages 40,000 annual patient visits. TEI residents work alongside the faculty of PCO to provide care, via direct care and precepting of students, to all of TEI’s patients.


  • The Eye Institute - Oak Lane (Main Location)
    1200 West Godfrey Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19141
  • The Eye Institute at Chestnut Hill
    7630 Germantown Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19118

Additional Information can be obtained by writing or calling:

Chad Killen, OD, FAAO
Director, On-Campus Residency Programs
The Eye Institute
1200 W Godfrey Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19141


All residency programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education. To contact the American Council on Optometric Education please visit or email

on-campus Programs Available:

Residency programs are available in the following areas:

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