Cornea & Contact Lenses Residency Program

The residency is an rewarding 54-week educational program which includes experiences at TEI and at the private office of James Lewis, MD.

The resident’s training occurs in the Cornea and Specialty Contact Lens Service (CASCLS) and other clinical services at The Eye Institute, as well as in the private office of the corneal/anterior segment disease specialist. Dr. James Lewis. In CASCLS, the resident receives training in the fitting of specialized contact lenses for patients with keratoconus, cosmetic disfigurement, presbyopia, high astigmatism, post-operative keratoplasty, and for those patients requesting orthokeratology. Working directly with the corneal/anterior segment disease specialist, the resident receives intense training in pre- and post- operative management of anterior segment surgery. The resident is also involved in patient selection, as well as pre- and post-operative assessment of refractive surgery procedures.


The mission of the Cornea and Contact Lens Residency at The Eye Institute of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry is to recruit a qualified graduating or graduate optometrist; to train the entry level graduate optometrist to provide advanced contact lens patient care through clinical management and co-management experiences in a broad range of complicated ophthalmic disorders, including the pre- and post-operative care management of the keratorefractive patient; to provide an orientation and didactic program throughout the year; to promote development of skills as an educator and self-learner; and to provide a suitable environment in which the resident can flourish.

The nature of the patient population at The Eye Institute and at the offices of James Lewis, MD, provides the foundation for the resident to hone his/her entry-level skills to an advanced level and to cultivate new skills and knowledge as well. The resident is able to achieve the objectives of the program through an appropriate level of supervision and support of a highly trained clinical faculty of optometrists and general and subspecialty ophthalmologists, leading to clinical independence.


  • The resident is assigned to 40-44 hours of patient care activities each week which includes Saturday assignments. They are scheduled in the Specialty Contact Lens Service in The Eye Institute approximately one and a half to two days a week to manage challenging contact lens cases, including keratoconus and post-surgical patients. The resident is supervised by the Service Director or other faculty members. The resident primary performs direct patient care, but on occasion they may supervises the activities of third- and fourth-year optometry interns assigned to this service.
  • The resident is assigned to the private offices of the corneal/anterior disease specialist approximately two days a week includes Saturday's to evaluate and co-manage surgical cases, including refractive (PRK, LASIK, Epi-LASIK, etc.) and corneal disease.
  • The resident is assigned to the Anterior Segment Disease Service in The Eye Institute approximately one day a week to evaluate and co-manage cataract and glaucoma surgical cases.
  • Emergency Eye Care - Under appropriate supervision, residents manage their own patients in the Emergency Service in The Eye Institute, where they see walk-in patients with ocular urgencies/emergencies. In addition, each resident is on-call weekends and evenings four to five weeks per program year.
  • The resident also has patient care assignments on Saturdays during the year.
  • The resident attends and participates in an educational program throughout the year, which includes conferences and lectures. They also participate in Grand Rounds presentations to fourth year students, fellow residents, and faculty members. A schedule for conferences/ lectures is distributed to the residents on a quarterly basis.
  • Residents are occasionally asked to participate in Community Eye Care activities off-campus and other College activities. An additional stipend may be paid for this service.
Sample Cornea and Contact Lenses Resident Schedule (PDF)